"Shalom" Peace Necklace

"Shalom" Peace Necklace


Hand made in NYC. Collaboration with jeweler Dana Faith.

18 carat gold vermeil with single irregular pearl and the Hebrew word “Shalom” (Peace / Wholeness) hand sculpted.

Can be worn at 16” 17” and 18”.

Chain finished with Dana Faith signature hand sculpted wire heart.

The essence of “Shalom” - Peace

“Shalom” - “Peace, Wholeness”

On Chanukah we celebrate our survival against the odds. We constantly hold in our hearts a prayer for Shalom. A time of healing and wholeness in the world in which every person may live in health and harmony, sharing their unique light for the benefit of all creation.

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We created this capsule to spark a conversation based on meaningful themes in the Chanukah holiday. Each piece of jewellery has been handmade with love in New York City by designer Dana Faith.

The Hebrew words are sculpted in English to prompt a dialogue. Like the Chanukah flames that are meant to be witnessed by others, I wanted someone to be able to look at the piece and immediately read the letters even without knowledge of Hebrew.

What is “Or”, “Nes”, “Emet”? Is that a word or an abstract symbol you are wearing? What is its meaning? What does it mean to you?

The pearl is a universal motif of purity with its own miraculous evolution from a grain of sand. In this collection it also takes on the identity of a singular Chanukah flame, a bright light within the darkness. As you wear it for the eight days of the festival, you are reminded of the essence of our celebration.

Whether the jewellery is a holiday gift, or something to wear yourself year round, the intention is that it inspires us to talk about the Chanukah story with renewed interest, and to explore what it means to us today.