Emet - Chalk

Emet - Chalk



Original design, hand embroidered.

Three pockets for Matzah.

Oatmeal linen with chalk and silver thread

Approximately 16" x 16"

Fabric & Lining: 100% Linen

Embroidery: 100% Cotton

Premium gift box presentation & educational materials included.

Please see Product Care details. 

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The cover is embroidered completely by hand. Due to the nature of this construction, variations will be evident in each cover and yours may differ slightly from the piece photographed. These variations are not flaws, but the "beauty marks" of owning a completely hand made, one-of-a-kind textile. 


At the Passover Seder we tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. This cover has been designed as an educational aid, with symbols and motifs that reflect important elements of the Pesach story. It is intended to help your family connect with the narrative in a novel way. An interpretation of these symbols is included to use at the Seder. 

The cover includes the hebrew word "Matzah" in the centre. It also includes the hebrew letters Aleph, Mem, Taf which spell "Emet", meaning "Truth". "Emet" is also the acronym for the words "Elokim, Moshe, Torah" - the channel through with Truth was passed down to the jewish people, after they were liberated from Egypt.

A hand made cotton tassel adorns each corner. There are three pockets inside, allowing you to separate the three matzot as outlined in the seder. 

The Matzah cover is presented in a premium gift box; It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a comprehensive, educational booklet which details the spiritual meaning behind the ritual. 


"I could not turn in for the night without sharing with you just how touched we are by the MOST beautiful and thoughtful present. What a talent!! Andrew and I can reflect we have never seen a more beautiful and precious challah cover. We will cherish the gift..."  - Katrina, UK, April 2016