Your one-of-a-kind AHYIN product is meant to be used and enjoyed. Often that includes wine stains, challah oil, creases and finger prints...Please consider our suggestions below, in order to give the best care to your textile.

- DRY CLEAN ONLY (do not hand or machine wash) and please use a respected vendor.

- Keep your Challah cover flat between uses. Folding and even rolling your cover means the linen will crease and over time even stretch. We suggest you find a nice, big drawer to lay it in, or even keep it hanging on a pant hanger between uses. 

- Pressing - if you do have to press your cover, steaming is preferable. If you only have an iron at home, iron from the backside, or keep a protective cotton or linen cloth between the iron and the fabric. This is especially important for the waxed metallic linens. 

- It is important to remember that this is an authentically hand-made product. Your AHYIN textile is truly one of a kind. That means there will be subtle variations within every item. We celebrate the skill of our artisans and believe that their "signatures" add much more beauty and character, than the machine embroidery we commonly see today. That said, if there is something you are unhappy with, please contact us and let us know.